All Batman Games - Page 2
  • Run Batman Run
    An endless runner where Batman must escape from the cops who are chasing him. As you run,
  • Batman Wanted
    Riding in his Batmobile, Batman must shoot the enemy cars that try to take him out during
  • Batman Defend Gotham
    Batman must defend Gotham from the ruthless Joker in 12 stages of increasing difficulty. P
  • Batman Truck Challenge
    Race through 10 levels in your Monster Truck. Be careful not to flip over though. The Batt
  • Batman I Love Basketball
    Shoot the ball into the hoop enough times to complete each level. You can only miss so man
  • Batman Night Sky Defender
    Fly across the night sky while avoiding the Penguin and bombs and see how far you can make
  • Batman Mystery of Batwoman
    Batman pursue the mysterious Batwoman only to see her captured! Who is she? Can Batman sav
  • Batman Spiderman
    Toss Spiderman from Batman to Batman in this daring flash game. If you mistime your jump,
  • Batman Cave Run
    An endless runner featuring the Dark Knight. How far can you run before succumbing to a ho
  • Batman Dress Up
    Choose articles of clothing from a variety of costumes including the Joker, Batman Begins,
  • Batman Underground
    A fun beat-em-up game that plays like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage. Batman must use fl
  • Blue Beetle Blast Attack
    The Blue Beetle, a former sidekick of Batman, must blast the incoming aliens before they g
  • Batman Difference Detector
    Find all the differences between the two Batman images in this detective style flash game.
  • The Jokers Escape
    You play as the Joker in this one. Try to get away from Batman by jumping on the moving it
  • Batman The Chase
    The Joker is littering his smelly garbage all over Gotham! Stop him by ramming his car wit
  • Paint Batman
    Paint Batman, the Blue Beetle, and the Green Arrow using a wide array of colors from your