All Batman Games - Page 2
  • Run Batman Run
    An endless runner where Batman must escape from the cops who are chasing him. As you run, obstacles like fire hydrants and crates will block your path. You must jump over these or else you will lose speed and the cops might chase you. Also, keep an eye out because as the cops close in, they will dive at you so jump to avoid them if they do this.
  • Batman Wanted
    Riding in his Batmobile, Batman must shoot the enemy cars that try to take him out during this high speed chase flash game. Watch out for innocent civilian cars as you race past them. The game will warn you when a lane is about to contain a car. When you shoot an enemy car enough to destroy it, look out for the vehicle as it will come crashing down onto the road and you will take serious damage if it lands on you. Again, the game will warn you so keep an eye out for that.
  • Batman Defend Gotham
    Batman must defend Gotham from the ruthless Joker in 12 stages of increasing difficulty. Punch and kick your way through each level. You will eventually reach a boss. The bosses are much tougher than the regular thugs you will fight. The Joker is especially difficult. Be sure to pick up the bat items that are dropped when you defeat an enemy.
  • Batman Truck Challenge
    Race through 10 levels in your Monster Truck. Be careful not to flip over though. The Battruck is sensitive to direction changes so tap those keys lightly or else you'll flip over and crash! Make use of the reverse key if you are up against a tall object that you must climb over. Tilting backwards will enable you to crawl slowly over very big cars and obstacles. See if you can beat all 10 levels.
  • Batman I Love Basketball
    Shoot the ball into the hoop enough times to complete each level. You can only miss so many times before it's game over. Each level will require you to make a set number of shots before moving on. As the levels get harder, the hoop will change positions and you will need to make more shots too. Batman is happy to take a little break for some rest and relaxation in this one. After all, he spends most of his life fighting crime so he should get to enjoy a few games of hoops now and then.
  • Batman Night Sky Defender
    Fly across the night sky while avoiding the Penguin and bombs and see how far you can make it. Power ups will increase your health bar while the Penguin, bombs, and dynamite will lower it significantly. Electrical clouds will freeze you so you go into a free fall and cannot dodge harmful obstacles. Note that you must continuously collect as many power ups as you can because your health will constantly drain as you fly. Go for the high score.
  • Batman Mystery of Batwoman
    Batman pursue the mysterious Batwoman only to see her captured! Who is she? Can Batman save her in time? Batman: The mystery of Batwoman gives you the chance to rescue poor Batwoman from the clutches of the evil Penguin. Punch, dodge, and kick your way past the guards as you try to reveal who this mysterious woman truly is!
  • Batman Spiderman
    Toss Spiderman from Batman to Batman in this daring flash game. If you mistime your jump, you lose a life. This game is actually quite hard because you have to get the timing just right and you are also on a timer so you can't just take your sweet time in between tosses/jumps. Batman and Spiderman must work together to get Spiderman as far as possible. How far can you get?
  • Batman Cave Run
    An endless runner featuring the Dark Knight. How far can you run before succumbing to a horrible death? Your skills with jumping and timed jumps will determine Batman's fate. As you progress, you will clear levels and the game will get faster and faster. Be sure to make use of quick jumps unless absolutely necessary as big, long jumps could leave you open to a plummeting death.
  • Batman Dress Up
    Choose articles of clothing from a variety of costumes including the Joker, Batman Begins, Batman Returns, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Mr. Freeze, Dark Knight, Batman Classic, and Batman Beyond. You can also choose from a few backdrops too and you can customize which car is chilling in the background. When you are done, view the snapshot of your character and print it out if you like.
  • Batman Underground
    A fun beat-em-up game that plays like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage. Batman must use flurries of kicks, punches, and the super strong turn kick to knock his enemies down and out. Each screen is like it's own separate stage and will feature a range of enemies from the simple street thugs to the big tough ogre looking dudes with the sledgehammer fist attack. Be sure to collect hearts for life and lightning bolts for stamina as you progress through the game.
  • Blue Beetle Blast Attack
    The Blue Beetle, a former sidekick of Batman, must blast the incoming aliens before they get too close. You can move left to right in this one and you are given ample time to blast the aliens with your cannon before they reach you. The aliens will disappear and then reappear closer to you so keep that in mind. See how many levels you can beat.
  • Batman Difference Detector
    Find all the differences between the two Batman images in this detective style flash game. The faster you find the differences, the bigger the time bonus you get. Simply point and click the mouse when you spot something different and collect your points. The scenes are taken from Game Over for Owlman. For a challenge, turn off Hints.
  • The Jokers Escape
    You play as the Joker in this one. Try to get away from Batman by jumping on the moving items. See how high you can climb before you come crashing back down to Earth. Gravity can be such a pain sometimes huh?
  • Batman The Chase
    The Joker is littering his smelly garbage all over Gotham! Stop him by ramming his car with the Batmobile. There are power boosts all over the map that will increase your speed. Whatever you do, don't hit the obstacles and keep an eye out for Joker's fiendish henchman. They will try to protect their boss at any cost.
  • Paint Batman
    Paint Batman, the Blue Beetle, and the Green Arrow using a wide array of colors from your easel on the right hand side of the screen. This is a nice relaxing flash game for anyone looking to unwind a little bit.