All Batman Games - Page 3
  • Batman Bmx
    Batman must cruise through 10 courses on his BMX bike without crashing or falling off the building tops. Be precise with your controls of Batman in this game. Just a slight lean left or right can make the difference between staying upright and crashing horribly.
  • Dynamic Double Team
    Batman must survive as long as possible by defeating the hordes of pirates that enter from left and right. As you play, the game will get harder and harder adding more and more pirates and eventually bigger and tougher pirates too. This game is called Batman Dynamic Double Team for a reason. If things get hairy, you can call the Blue Beetle and he will attack all the enemies on the screen for you.
  • Arkham Asylum
    You play as the Joker and must escape the asylum by digging your way out! Dig out all of the level and collect all the powerups and a white arrow will appear signaling the exit to the level. Make use of the items you pick up to knock out the guards and orderlies who chase you. You can also try to time things so that a barrel or rock lands on their heads.  
  • Batman Shooter
    You are Bat Dog! Weave your way through the skies by avoiding the green crystals. You can also shoot the crystals to destroy them but be careful if you decide to choose this strategy because the crystals will seek you out if you shoot them! They are very difficult to avoid too. See if you can survive until the end.
  • Batman Save Underwater
    Avoid bumping your submarine into the stalactites and stalagmites the line the ceiling and floor of the cavern. Yes you read that right. Batman finds himself in a submarine deep in an underground cave. Of all the places to find an adventure eh? There is a variety of marine life down here that could hurt Batman so blast whatever you see with your cannon. The Sunshines are good and give you points so collect those.
  • Gorilla Grood Barrels Of Peril
    Batman must ascend the stage toward Gorilla Grood as he throws barrels at you. Collect the Batarangs along the way so you can take him out when you reach the top of the stage. Hit Gorilla Grood with multiple batarangs to defeat him and rescue your pal who has been imprisoned. Each stage will feature the same task but the level will change each time. Also, there will be a new friend to rescue.
  • Batman Truck 2
    Batman Truck 2 features a whole bunch of new levels to tackle. You can also upgrade your vehicle after you have acquired enough Bat Tokens. Level 1 is relatively easy. Try to collect all the Bat Tokens you can as you ride but be careful not to flip over. Once you get 50 tokens, you can upgrade.
  • Dark Knight Spot Difference
    You look at two pictures side by side and must spot the all of the differences between them. The game gives you the target number of differences in each set of pictures and there is also a timer so hurry! You also only get a set number of misses before it's game over so only click if you are absolutely sure!
  • Batman Ball
    How long can you keep the Batman Ball in the air before it hits the ground? This is a simple yet surprisingly addicting flash game.
  • Batman Fight
    Batman Fight is all about Batman fighting a variety of enemies. Shocking I know. There are 15 total levels to play through and each one will present you with new challenges to overcome. Punch and kicking is the default attack mode but keep an eye out for the odd batarang. The long range of the batarang will keep Batman out of harm's way and alive long enough to beat each of the 15 levels. 
  • Batman Boxing Brawl
    This flash game is a 1st person boxing match against the famous Dark Knight. He is tough to beat! Throw combinations of 3 to 4 punches when Batman glides into range of your fists and then block to absorb his punches. When Batman summons the bats, watch out! A deadly barrage of punches is coming!
  • Catwoman Bike
    In Catwoman Bike, you must ride safely from the start point to the end point without crashing or tipping over too much. There are various obstacles in your path as you ride that you will have to navigate successfully past. The right amount of lean here or the right amount of speed there will get you from beginning to end in no time. There are 10 total levels for Catwoman to beat.
  • Batman Dress Up 3
    Dress the Dark Knight in the outfit of your choice. Pick from clothing categories such as: Suit, Mask, Symbol, Belt, Cape, Gloves, and Boots. When you are done creating your masterpiece, click Finish so you can admire it then hit replay if you want to make another.
  • Batman vs Mr Freeze
    The vile Mr Freeze is on the loose! Only Batman can stop him! Mr Freeze will be floating above Gotham looking to blast Batman with his freeze ray. Fight back by knocking him out of the air with your Batarangs. The first stage is not that hard but it gets harder from there.
  • Batman Power Strike
    Batman must synchronize his strikes with the meter on the right. The higher the meter is when Batman strikes the beams, the more damage he will do. If you get high enough (90+ ususally), you will get a perfect score and smash all the beams with a vicious blow!
  • Superhero Truck Race
    Super Hero Truck Race features Batman, Mario, and Ben 10 in an epic race. You can choose between any of the 3 characters to see if you can complete the track. The track is pretty hard actually as you can tip pretty easily and if you don't get enough speed to climb the hills, you're done for. Look out for health, coins, and time extension items as you race. These will help immensely.