All Batman Games - Page 4
  • Superhero Epic Battle
    Superhero Epic Battle is demolition derby style game with 15 levels to play. Choose your team between DC characters or Marvel characters. DC characters include Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Flash while Marvel includes Captain America, Hulk, and Spiderman. Keep an eye out for powerups. They can turn the tide of a tough match. The goal is to destroy all of the cars on the opposing team.
  • Batman Winter Bike
    Batman must traverse the snow covered mountains of the days of yore in search of what nobody really knows. Keep your bike upright as you trek across the snowy landscape. Tipping over will make you crash and you'll have to start over.
  • Bartman Zombie Terminator
    Cruise through Springfield on your bike blasting zombies with rockets. Upgrades can be purchased between levels by collecting Bat coins as you ride. Blast the Zombie people of Springfield with your homing rockets to avoid taking damage. See how many levels you can complete.
  • Batman Runner Game
    An endless runner game featuring bikes, skateboards, rocket packs, and more as Batman attempts to outrun the Penguin who is in hot pursuit of the Dark Knight. Grab the jewels and coins as you evade capture always running right. Your life depends on it!
  • Batman Hunt The Penguin
    In this epic flash game, Batman must pursue and hunt down the nefarious Penguin. Fire missiles and rockets at the helicopters from your Batbike while avoiding their attacks. If you make it far enough, you will face the Penguin himself. Your task will not be easy but do not give up. Gotham City and possibly the world are depending on you!
  • Batman Shoot Em Up
    In Batman Shoot Em Up, you get to play as Batman with a big gatling gun through 6 levels of action. That's right. Batman is tired of throwing batarangs and using his fists to fight crime. Time to break out the heavy artillery. Shoot down your enemies but be careful to jump or duck to avoid their bullets as your health is limited.
  • Batman Ultimate Rescue
    Batman is on a rescue mission to save his friends. Grapnel down from the building top to grab your pals. Try to time your grapnel attempts so that you land on your friends. It may take some time but you will get the timing down. Each mission requires you to save a set number of buddies before moving on. Be wary of enemies and their bombs!
  • Dark Knight Dress Up
    A fun Dark Knight dress up game. Choose between 9 categories of items for the Caped Crusader. In this game we have: Masks, Shawls, Face, Suit, Gloves, Symbol, Belt, Boots, and Cape. The haunting tune that plays in the background adds a nice touch too.